Sunday, June 29, 2008


Some pics of the interior our home here. (The only rooms not represented are Erin's study (the third bedroom) and the guest bath.)

I include pics of Patti and me cooking, as well as Patti planting amidst Male Bonding Sawdust and the finished workbench and storage shelves in the garage (all praise to Gene).

The guest bed is from my old apartment and the couches are from Erin's old apartment.

The new master bedroom stuff cost a King's Ransom. (Master Bath has TWO vanities, by the way).

The rugs we bought at a Wickes close-out auction in Torrance not long before we left (two Turkish, one Belgian)--cheaper than Sears, as it turned out, and more attractive to boot.

Dining room is included here only tangentially; it's between my study (the room with the three Office Depot pieces) and the kitchen.

Bill's study...view with the lovely rug.

The kitchen...with more cabinets than we need. Yea . . .