Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Little Politics; A Little Pride

I thought that I had exhausted my revulsion and contempt for politicians who want to re-enslave women and make them mere property again, slightly more important than the family pet, but barely.  But no, I just heard about the new laws passed in Arizona. The way old, white, privileged men (read: Republican) continue to harass and, literally, get up a woman's vagina all the way to her uterus renews my disgust.  I simply do not understand the necessity for making women second class citizens at best.  Again.  I would appreciate anyone who can justify this to me in some sort of logical, legal (not religious) fashion.  I promise no reprisals: I will merely read.                                                                                                        

Above you see my family: wife, two daughters, two grandsons; taken last summer in Davis, CA whilst visiting.  Second pic above is Erin's college chamber choir fresh from their tour and home concert last month.

Just thought I'd throw something up there this morning; entertain y'all a bit.