Friday, June 19, 2015


I need to do this for just a bit because some folks only follow this blog, not FB.  Sorry that I haven't posted anything in a very long time, but I just don't get inspired.  The biggest news:  we sold our Bammy home and got a good deal. We will  put the money into a new place up in Blizzard Land.  We are excited about this in part because we made a decent profit on this one that will help purchase something else and keep our credit very solid and my mind at ease.  Erin has done a wonderful job with everything and now adds PowerBroker to her many titles and roles.  She is a fantastically capable woman in a zillion ways.  I don't know how she has managed the last few months, but she has.  She is excited to leave here and begin her work in the YooPee, eh.  We have a good snow car: six cylinder, AWD Suburu Outback, eh, plenty of traction, ground clearance, comfort and room for animals, dog in back, cats in a cage-which they like; the male takes naps in it and they both travel well in it.  Quite the menagerie, we are: a Golden and two tabbies.  We hope to be up there by the first of August.   Goodbye to the humidity and heat; hello to snow and cold.  Goodbye to the Red State and southern women, hello to the Blue state and Real Women.  Bye for now; thanks for reading.