Friday, September 14, 2012


It's pronounced 'tamika' in IPA.  She is the caregiver who has been with me since June from 8-4 five days/week.  She replaced Dorothy, who was with me from March through May, but then changed her job within the company, which is Home Instead, by the way.  Also, by the way, I pay for this with two long term care insurance policies that I took out in '03 and '06, Deo gracias.

Anyway, I couldn't get along without her as either person or professional.  She is easy to be with, is funny, calm and thorough, and is indispensible.  She makes breakfast and lunch, helps with my socks, drives me to appointments and the Y when I have to wear my orthotic devices, walks Sam twice a day, helps me at the grocery store a minimum of two days/week, vacuums occasionally, and in myriad other ways makes the days easier for me and eases Erin's mind at work.  She also reminds me to take my meds and helps me in and out of the shower, as well as standing at the stove and stirring after I have sliced and diced for a meal, usually a soup or a stew.  She even sets up the ingredients for my martini before she leaves.

I could get along without her, of course, by eating at the kitchen counter instead of the table, and by making countless more trips to and fro with the crutch, which would exhaust me more than it already does.  And in a couple of weeks, she will help me as I commute to the local community college to sub for the pregnant conductor two days/week.

I am grateful for her and to her for just being herself, and quite often for being far more than she needs to be.