Tuesday, March 15, 2011

'Pastime with Good Company'

Tom, Buddy, Lisa, Ethan, TJ, Jodi, Karen, Lauren, Dan, Chris, Rob, James, Shinnshill, Ariel, Chung-Uk: Saw more than a dozen former USC graduate students at ACDA in Chicago, some of which I may have forgotten to list here but can add from time to time. And of course too many former professional colleagues to list here. It was also fun seeing Bruce, Starr and Steve from the UOP days, not to mention Bill Bausano from NMU days. Not to mention former CCC singers Rich and Ginger Colla, as well as Hugh Davies and Don Brinegar.

It was also very gratifying to have strangers come up and introduce themselves as fans of my book and even of my recent Letter to the Editor of the Choral Journal, wherein my Blast from Bama got right up into the grill of my collegiate colleagues for the paucity of music before 1900 on their convention programs. In fact, the best program of the convention in that regard was that of Fountain Valley High School, conducted by Kevin Tison--my college friends (and enemies, of which there are many because of my big mouth) ought to take a close look at that one and draw a lesson or two from it.

I also enjoyed judging the student conducting competition finals along with Joe Flummerfelt, Sandra Willetts, Simon Carrington and William Hall.

It was all a wonderful reminder of why I did what I did for almost forty years and why I would do it all over again, given the chance.

But that chance won't come, now, will it? All the more reason to enjoy the present state of things.


Speaking of which, I got around fine with my walker but got tired really fast, especially after climbing stairs one at at time using more arm than leg power in the Chop House and Miller's Pub. Whew. I THINK I've improved a bit since my surgery of 8 February but it's hard to tell because things move so slowly. I do believe I move unassisted for longer distances now with only the occasional touch of something to maintain balance.

I resume upper body weights and begin gentle post-op physical therapy tomorrow.

(Just keep moving, Dehning).