Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NewYear'sDay III

College football season officially begins Saturday. It seems like forever since January. Jeez.


Since I wrote the above sentence, a few things have happened, including attendance last night at the Titans/Packers pre-season game in Nashville. We went with Ian Loeppke and his new wohman, Dana, who got great tickets in the top tier on the 50-yard line. I could see pass patterns opening up before the TV crews did. Was fun. Titans have one helluva fine rookie receiver who caught two TDs from Vince Young against the second string GB secondary. We left in the fourth quarter with the score at 27-10, Titans, in a game that didn't count, just lined the pockets of Titans management. At least the city of GB gets the money, not some rich guy with too much money and time on his hands. Gotta love 'em for that, at least. GB QB Rodgers played only one series. Ho hum.

(Oh, and 'ah ite ree-ubs' in the downtown Music Alley right across from Ernest Tubbs' shop. Parked the car right next to the Grand Ole Opry, which my Dad and his buddy Charlie used to watch religiously when I was a lad).

Funny, I lived in SoCal for 30 years of my life and only went to one Rams game in all that time. Lived 20 years in NoCal and only went to one 49ers game. Lived here a little over a year and have already been to two Packers games. (Think my GB wife and her family have something to do with that? She's a rabid fan, actually, and has Brett Favre at the top of her s**** list for going over to the hated Vikings).

But have been to plenty of UCLA and USC games in that half century, plus a boatload of UOP games in Stockton while I lived there; often took the girls, who left me immediately after kickoff and cruised for friends and boys. Sigh. I tried. But they turned out more than OK otherwise.

Fight on, Trojans; Go, Bears and Bruins; kick non-conference butt, Pac-10. I hate the corruption and exploitation of college ball, but I do so love the sport, God help (and forgive) me.