Thursday, September 13, 2007



I’ve let five days go by without writing anything; I’ve been a bad boy. But I am not going to talk about that because of the auspiciousness of this day and how the Bushies have cynically used it for six years to foster fear, shred the Constitution, bleed the economy dry, kill 3600 of our boys and girls (and untold numbers of Iraqies), and lie, and lie, and lie. For what? Don’t listen to all the subterfuge, the justifications, the excuses; they’re complicated, as they are intended to be. If it sounds simple, it’s probably the truth, which is why they can’t keep it simple. So why are we there? The truth is: oil.

See? Simple. Behind subterfuge and lies stands that simple truth. It’s blood for oil. Do you think we’d be there if their primary resource were asparagus? Or rice (which is why we didn’t topple North Korea’s dictator, even though he starved his people to death and DID have WMD)?

And don’t believe the shills on FoxNoNewsNetwork: Al-qaeda wasn’t there until we invaded and occupied the country. Now they flourish and are immensely productive, fomenting violence on both sides of their civil war—don’t buy that “sectarian insurgency” stuff, either: it’s a CIVIL WAR brought about by the vacuum left by a toppled dictator and it will not stop until the vacuum is filled by the next dictator, but it will be our dictator, presumably. At least Saddam gave his people water and power—we’ve taken much of that away.

Oh. And “drawdown” is euphemism for “retreat.” Don’t you just love the way the military and politicians destroy language in order to retain power? Especially after we prematurely ejaculated and claimed victory when draft-dodger Bush got to wear the uniform and a codpiece on that aircraft carrier? “Mission Accomplished,” my ass.

And why can’t we catch a sick old bearded man? Because Bush doesn’t want to: it would remove the Bogey Man he’s using to keep us scared. He also doesn’t want this occupation to stop; he wants to remain in Iraq until his buddies get a bunch of that oil, or until he can hand the mess over to the next President, wash his hands, walk away, claim victory yet again even though an utter failure; not only incompetent, impotent, too. That’s what he’s done his entire life: failed upward; he hasn’t succeeded at a single thing he has tried throughout his life, he was even his Daddy’s “legacy” at Yale—ain’t no way they’d have accepted me with his grades. I qualified for engineering school at UCLA all on my own; my Daddy couldn’t help me because he didn’t even go to high school and was just a truck driver.

You could look it up: Bush is an Aristocrat Brat, as un-American as they come, a child of privilege, not production. And he still talks like a petulant fourth-grader and acts like a high school bully.

God Bless America. Who else would put up with this crap? Actually, Germany did during the thirties, resulting in WWII when Germany attacked Poland on 1 September 1939. This was an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation that had done nothing to the attacking nation.

Sound familiar?

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