Thursday, January 7, 2010

Roman New Year

Snowing today and the whole dang town is shut down: schools are closed and you can't find milk, bread or eggs in the stores. Buncha peckerwood wusses, lemme tell ya. We're supposed to get about two inches, which is a lot for Bama; people are already planning plots for their snow angels.

Speaking of snow, got back from Green Bay last Sunday eve, where there was plenty of the stuff; Sam loves snow and winter in Wisconsin--he can't get enough of it. So if it accumulates enough today, will take him out and let him roll around in it for one of his snow showers; there won't be enough for him to dig for last summer's detritus or shove his nose into, but he'll enjoy it anyway.
Had a great New Year week in Green Bay with the Colwitz family, especially with Patti and Gene and with Bro Andy and his wonderful live-in squeeze, Jennine ('Neenie' to me, 'Neener' to everyone else). Great food, fun taverns, exquisite NYE dinner in the 'Moose Room,' pool at Andy's Packer Bar, champagne and caviar at Midnight (a first for P and G, who were good sports and tried it). Erin and Fam played with the Wii until they were blind and/or staggering. Neenie just giggled and I just read while they played; I'm a lousy digital athlete, Andy is gifted, Erin and Gene are pretty good (sorry, Patti). Erin wants one for here, of course; that'll be the day . . . Picture of the six of us at a local wine bar above (fine company, bad wine to this Californian who has tasted it all in California and France). Ah, and we can't forget litte niece Olivia, who is a sweet little chunker.
End of my year tonight with the end of college football, then a long drought until my New Year's Day on 1 September broken only by the country's finest athletic event: the NCAA basketball tournament in March.
Back to work now for Erin; back to Husbandry of house, wife, dog, and body for me (stretching, Tai-Chi, weights, and hoops at the Y). Also back to church work, where the organist thinks I was on drugs while choosing Epiphany music: Brahms, Mendelssohn, Handel, Duruflé. Making Coq au Vin tonight from a recipe I got from the owner of the wine bar above. Looks pretty good, too.
Happy New Year to you Roman Calendar heathens; hope you Christians had an Epiphany yesterday. Thanks to all who responded to my digital Christmas Card and sent us real ones; love you all. Time for Tai-Chi . . .

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karen said...

Happy New Year! Care to share that coq au vin recipe? I made a pretty good one for Christmas eve, and I'm always looking to improve on it.