Thursday, April 11, 2013


27-30 June, Manhattan Beach, CA for rehearsals and a performance of Rheinberger, F. Martin, Brahms, Vittoria, among others.  Karen Schrock, Kelley O'Connor and Erin came up with this idea in a Huntsville gay bar about four years ago and Rob Istad leaped gleefully aboard.  Karen and Rob have done an immense amount of work already, with more to come.  We must have a balanced group, so contact Karen: to reserve your place.  Trinity Lutheran Church has agreed to host us for rehearsals and performance, and Karen has lined up motel rooms within walking distance of the church (and the beach; we can't rehearse all the time).  She will need $150 to reserve your place; this is an estimate for group dinners in restaurants and any amount not used will be returned.  You must reserve your room by 27 May to get the group rate Karen has negotiated.

Please help us by spreading this word to as many of the members from the years 92-07 as you can.  Use Facebook, too.

I am flattered and humbled by this effort.  I hope to see and hear a bunch of you sing some great music together again.  It's been too long. 

And let your conductor acquaintances know that a bunch of the music we'll be rehearsing is in my latest book, A Matter of Choice: Interpreting Choral Music.  They may wanna give a listen.

Fight On!  Or. . . Sing On!  Or. . . something . . . 


Sarona said...

Dr Dehning,
I've spent the last 90 minutes catching up with your blog and your life, and all I can say off the top of my head is OMYGOD, but I really worry that you'll wonder "who the hell is Sarona and why does she write with such poor grammar?" And that you'll be able to tell that I'm a Republican and just delete this post altogether! Lol (that's 'laugh out loud' in case you were wondering, Old Man)

Holy Cow, you've had quite a journey since our Strutting Chanticleer and Biker Hill days, but I have thought of you with such fondness over those years, so much aloha, and will pray for your full recovery (what?! She's religious, too?? Oy!!) Carol Stephenson sent me the reunion email, which led me to your blog. How I wish I could be one of the privileged few to enjoy a weekend of music making with you. Enjoy it all. Big hug to you from the Farrell family. xo

william dehning said...

Sarona: Send me your email address, OK? I lost you completely since I retired and would love to be in touch occasionally with you both. I think you both ought to come to LA and sing.

I forgive you for being religious, but I'll have to work through the Republican part.

Most fondly,