Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What Teachers Live for III (with thanks to Christian Campos)

 Received this in an email yesterday:

"I just listened to a professional choir's recording of the Lauridsen Mid-winter Songs and I have to tell you that you still have -- by far -- the most interesting and engaging interpretation of the work I have ever heard. Even though the choir in this recording is fantastic, the interpretation doesn't come close to what you were able to do. In yours, the text and form of the work are made clear. You, sir, have such a rare gift."

I've always said something like: "Choruses I train ain't technically perfect but, by God, once I get a good score in my head and stand in front of a decent chorus with it for a while, what comes out is--if nothing else--musical.   We make MUSIC, not just sounds."

Find out for yourself at  Lauridsen is there, along with a few other things.

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